Information and Communication Technologies

The French Ministry of Education is keen to develop ICT (Information and Communication Technology) skills at school. For primary schools, the aim is to use technology as a tool to aid learning and to help the pupils pass the B2i test.

La Petite Ecole Française has 20 iPads and a teacher who is dedicated to developing and implementing ICT projects on Fridays. The school also has 2 video-projectors, an apple TV, a Coding Robot and 10 BBC Micro Bits for coding sessions. This technology software and equipment allows each class to use ICT for learning projects.

PEF pupils are currently – depending on the level of the class – working on a multitude of projects. These include: numerical books, video montage, coding, dynamic geometry sessions, fine motor skills activities, counting and phonics activities. The development and outcomes of all projects is regularly posted on the school blog.

The CE2, CM1 and CM2 pupils are also taught about E-Safety and how to use the Internet and digital technology in a safe way. Please read our E-Safety policy for more information.

Official text from the French curriculum :
• B2i : Arrêté du 24 juillet 2013 modifiant l’arrêté du 14 juin 2006 relatif aux référentiels de connaissances et capacités exigibles pour le brevet informatique et internet (B2i)
• Faire entrer l’école dans l’ère du numérique : Ecole numérique