Dance and Music

We believe that it is important for children to be able to express themselves artistically and creatively. The Maternelle classes (Petite, Moyenne and Grande Sections) have dance lessons and all the classes through to CM2 have music lessons once a week. These classes are taught in English. The school takes great pride in organising a Christmas concert and an end of year show which showcases the wonderful talents of the pupils. Both these events are important for the school and are enjoyed by parents and the children who relish the opportunity to develop their confidence and perform to their families.

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We are delighted to welcome you to La PEF for this new academic school year.

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After the terrible disaster that occurred on August 4, 2020 in the Lebanese capital, the AEFE is joining the Solidarité Laïque, the Mlf, AFLEC and the ALFM Union to support a fundraising in favour of public school students of Beirut. It will thus allow them to be equipped with school supplies for the coming school year.



Places Available

A limited number of places are still available for some levels. Please contact
Amandine Codorniou (+44 (0) 208 960 1278