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A nutritious, tasty, hot lunch is served to the pupils and staff every day except on Wednesday, which is a half day. The food is delivered by an excellent local caterer, which only uses the best fresh produce. The meals consist of a meat/fish dish, selection of seasonal vegetables and a carbohydrate. The school never serves pork. Other ingredients which might cause an allergic reaction, such as nuts, are also avoided, however, there is a risk of cross contamination at the supplier’s kitchen so pupils with an EpiPen must bring a packed lunch which can be heated. The children are also offered a healthy dessert of fresh fruit, apple compote or yoghurt. Water is served with the lunch and is also available throughout the day on request.
The children have a ‘Gouter’ or snack usually mid-morning, which is provided by the parents. The school encourages the parents to pack a healthy snack such as fruit or vegetables. Birthday cakes and food distributed to the class must be pre-packaged (i.e. not homemade) with all the ingredients including allergens labelled.
Please note that a vegetarian menu is available for pupils on request. The school lunch is optional and the fee is £185 per term. Please see the attached ‘food and drink’ policy for further information.

Regular and Vegetarian Menu (with list of allergens) Sept 2021

food & drink policy

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