Sport activities

Sport activities are an important part of the French curriculum and are also essential to help children develop their motor and social skills.

From petite to moyenne section, sport sessions are organized in the large gymnasium, next to the school with two sessions per week for each class. In addition, sports classes also take place in the school hall or in the playground on other days of the week. Teachers and assistants aim to develop motor skills using a motor-skills circuit with different equipment which the children can walk on, jump over, roll on etc. They organise games with the pupils which develop their co-operation skills. The Maternelle pupils have 30 minutes of dance per week where they learn ballet. Please refer to the ‘Dance and Music’ section for more information.

In Primaire (CP to CM2), pupils do a different activity each term; tennis, climbing and swimming. They enjoy climbing and playing tennis at the Westway Sports Centre and swimming at the Kensington Leisure Centre. All the activities are lead by professional coaches based at the Sport Centres.

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