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English workshops & Lessons

Our English teacher for the Maternelle section, Marie, is a native English speaker and is employed full time at the school. In addition to the regular English lessons, she spends a full morning per week with each class. During these morning workshops the regular class teacher also speaks in English to the children.

The teachers work together to put in place programs covering logic, art and science (discovery of the world) and these sessions have turned out to be a great success. For example, the Moyenne section has done a project on the life-cycle of plants, which the children greatly enjoyed. During these classes, Marie takes digital photos and creates an ‘English Book’ for the children to take home and share with their families.

In the afternoons, Marie teaches English to groups of nine children at a time, twice a week. She works with them on their spoken English, reads stories and teaches them songs. The aim of the English class is to promote participation and for each child to express themselves confidently. In order to do this she uses her knowledge of the British programs as she has a diploma in Early Years Education. She also teaches ecology and sustainable development with the collaboration of her French colleagues. In addition to English lessons and workshops, the dance classes are conducted in English by teachers who are also native speakers.

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A limited number of places are still available. Please contact Flavie Fleuti (+442089601278 lapetiteecolefrancaise@gmail.com)